Athletics & Activities

Sports and Activities At Our School
We are proud to offer you our very best sports and activities at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School.  You will find that our season begins right after the start of school and goes all the way through to the end.  From baseball to swimming, we cover a lot of ground and make sure that your student has a variety of choices in extracurricular activities.  Please take a moment to check out the links on the left and use the calendar to find out what's happening on campus on a daily basis.

Forms Required
In order for your child to participate in sports, please make sure they have filled out the correct forms. For each sport, there is usually an interest meeting or sign up form. If your child attends this meeting, they will be provided with the forms specific to that sport.  You may also download the general Athletic Eligibilty Form (required) which will require a sports physical and a notary.  This form can be found on our athletics page.